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Stratagem Cards
Card Name R Wave Target Card Text
Aerial Enhancements U Wave 5 S01 Tracks, Autobot Warrior While your Tracks, Autobot Warrior is in alt mode 🠪 He has the PlanePlane trait.
All-Out U Wave 5 S02 Windcharger, Autobot Warrior Once per game, when your Windcharger, Autobot Warrior attacks and is your only character on the battlefield 🠪 He gets +3 until end of battle. Flip this.
Better Things To Do Than Die R Wave 5 S03 Springer, Aerial Defense When your Springer, Aerial Defense is on the battlefield and you flip him to another mode 🠪 Repair 1 damage from him.
Bike Gang R Wave 5 S04 Chromia, Special Ops When one of your MotorcycleMotorcycles attacks while you have Chromia, Specials Ops on the battlefield and you flip at least 🠪 That MotorcycleMotorcycle gets +2 until end of battle.
Camien Toughness R Wave 5 S05 Windblade, Combiner Hunter Your Windblade, Combiner Hunter has +1 and +1 .
Data Protection C Wave 5 S06 Crankcase, Data Collector While you have Crankcase, Data Collector on the battlefield 🠪 Your opponent's cards can't cause you to scrap cards from your hand.
Duty & Honor ★★ C Wave 5 S07 Optimus Prime, Legendary Warrior As long as one of your characters other than Optimus Prime, Legendary Warrior has been KO'd this game 🠪 Your Optimus Prime, Legendary Warrior has Brave, Focus 1, Bold 1, and Tough 1.
Heroic Spotlight U Wave 5 S08 Autobots If your starting team is only AutobotAutobots 🠪 Your deck can have up to 2 extra ★ of cards.
Unrevealed Stratagem ? Wave 5 S09
Jurassic Punch R Wave 5 S10 Volcanicus, Fiery Champion When your Volcanicus, Fiery Champion attacks and enemy that has fewer ★ than him 🠪 Your Volcanicus get Bold until end of battle equal to the ★ difference.
Master Converter R Wave 5 S11 Blitzwing, Relentless Foe While your Blitzwing, Relentless Foe is in either alt mode 🠪 He has the TankTank and PlanePlane traits.
Unrevealed Stratagem ? Wave 5 S12
Metallikato Stance C Wave 5 S13 Bludgeon, Electric Warrior When your Bludgeon, Electric Warrior attacks and you don't flip a battle card that has more than 1 battle icon 🠪 Put one of the cards you flipped into your hand after the battle.
Unrevealed Stratagem ? Wave 5 S14
Orbital Strike R Wave 5 S15 Autobot Cosmos, Recon & Communication Replace the text "12 ★ or fewer" on your Autobot Cosmos, Recon & Communication with "21 ★ or fewer."
Pop-up Attack U Wave 5 S16 Autobot Whirl, Aerial Assault When one of your HelicopterHelicopters attacks and you have Autobot Whirl, Aerial Assault on the battlefield 🠪 Plan 1.
Resilience C Wave 5 S17 Brawn, Demolitions When your Brawn, Demolitions defends 🠪 He hets + until end of battle equal to the attacker's Bold total.
Revenge ★★ Wave 5 S18 Megatron, Fallen Hero Your Megatron, Fallen Hero has Bold based on how many damage counters he has 🠪 1-5 🠪 Bold 1 6-10 🠪 Bold 2 11+ 🠪 Bold 3
Sabotage ? Wave 5 S19 Autobot Gears, Transport & Reconnaisance While you have Autobot Gears, Transport & Reconnaissance on the battlefield 🠪 Enemies being upgraded can't cause abilities of your opponent's cards to trigger.
Saturation Bombing U Wave 5 S20 Windsweepr, Air Defense Once per game, when you flip your Windsweeper, Air Defense to alt mode and he has a number of damage counters equal or greater than the number of enemies on the battlefield 🠪 Move 1 damage counter from him to each enemy. Flp this.
Science Officer C Wave 5 S21 Beachcomber, Geologist Your deck can have up to 1 extra [STAR] of Actions and up to 1 extra [STAR] of Upgrades.
Sky Shadow Sync C Wave 5 S22 Sky Shadow When your Sky Shadow (Tank) or Sky Shadow (Plane) is KO'd and you have Ominus outside of the game 🠪 Combine them into Sky Shadow, Elite Warrior with Ominus in head mode.
Stealth Mission U Wave 5 S23 Nightracer, Gunner Your deck can have up to 2 extra ★ of Secret Actions.
Strategic Airlift C Wave 5 S24 Wingspan, Data Processor When you have Wingspan, Data Processor on the battlefield and an Upgrade is scrapped from one of your other characters 🠪 Put that upgrade under Wingspan.
Swap Heads R Wave 5 S25 Titan Master Once per game, when you flip one of your characters that has a character on it in head more 🠪 You may swap that head with one of your other character's heads. When you do, flip this.
Systems Enhancement C Wave 5 S26 Autobot Outback, Gunner When you upgrade Autobot Outback, Gunner 🠪 Draw a card. Then scrap a card from your hand.
Unrevealed Stratagem ? Wave 5 S27
Villainous Spotlight U Wave 5 S28 Decepticons If your starting team is only DecepticonDecepticons 🠪 Your deck can have up to 2 extra ★ of cards.
Weapons Cache U Wave 5 S29 Roadbuster, Ground Assault Commander Your deck can have up to 1 extra ★ of Weapons and up to 1 extra ★ of Armors.
Infiltration U Wave 5 S30 Decepticon Pounce, Infiltrator Once per game, when you flip your Decepticon Pounce, Infiltrator to alt mode 🠪 You may play up to 2 Secret Actions. If you do, flip this.