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Report any errors & bugs or leave suggestions in the feedback discussion below. It's really annoying when people run into a bug and don't report it, so PLEASE do let me know. I'm also always open to new ideas for the site, so feel free to suggest anything.

I would rather message you privately rather than use the public feedback discussion
You can do so on my personal page.

You should images of all the cards
This site is ran off a small computer in my home office. Card images would easily increase my already-limited bandwidth ten fold, if not more. Just not worth it I think.
Feedback Discussion
Z-R0E: Loose plans, but I'll eventually add a way to set your bold/tough on the Flip Simulator.
Z-R0E: It's not on the To Do list below, but I will also be adding a confirmation when deleting decks. Also I'll be expanding the mouseover tooltips on cards to include all info, like damage, card text, etc. Oh, and we do have avatars! They're just in Discord now =p
Racy: Avatars PLZ.
Z-R0E: Next big update will probably be card filtering.
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Instructions [very incomplete]
Many parts of the site can be moused-over for additional information.

Bots & Battle
Use these pages to view your collection, and click the link on the top to update where you can update it. When updating your collection, you can use the arrows to adjust how many cards you own, or you can just manually type it in the text box .

Tip: Use the tab key to quickly cycle through the collection text boxes to enter how many you own.

The "Want" field is for how many of that card you want. If you don't change it, it'll default to the values set on Account.

This simulates opening sealed packs. It's good if you want to practice a sealed-like environment without actually buying sealed packs to open. Enter the number of packs you wish to "open", then you can pull them from your actual collection to simulate what you would have gotten if you had bought the packs. It also gives you the code to export to OCTGN.

Recent Updates
February 18th
- I've began entering all data for the bot cards, such as bot attack/defense, etc. Right now it's just Wave 1 1A 1C 1S and some of Wave 2, but all cards will slowly added.
- Please report any errors you find in the cards that are clearly done, but hold back on reporting on cards that're blatantly incomplete.
- Hovering over a bot card will now display the full card info... if that card has had its info entered.
- Filtering based on the additional info will be added soon.
- Battle card texts will be entered once all the bots are done.
February 12th
- Bug fixes and some small design tweaks.
- Began adding wave 5 spoiled cards.
February 9th
- Battle & battle cards now have filters to show/hide based on column criteria. You can also click a column header to sort by it.
February 1st
- Changed up some of the Decks page design. Bots & Battle card pages are next.
- Pressing enter while typing in an auto-updating field (like when set card quantities owned) will now set the value.
- Initial support for Stratagem cards added. I'll be adding the currently revealed once we know how many battle cards are in Wave 5, and continue to update as reveals trickle in.
January 27th
- Finally optimized the Javascript on Bots & Battle pages, significantly improving load times.
- Mobile should be looking good now. Some pages require a bit of a horizontal scroll, especially the Decks page. I think I'm going to leave it like that unless I think of something better in the future; I think horizontal scroll is easier to use/read than trying to cram all tha info closer together. Please let me know if anything doesn't look good on your mobile device.
- Additional bug fixes.
January 17th
- OCTGN export is now in. You'll find a link to do so when viewing a deck. In order to export a deck, it must be public or your own deck.
- You can now make duplicates of your own decks, and copy public decks to your account.

Future Plans
- Add stratagem page
- Finish writing up instructions
- Add full card info, including card text
- Add additional card info on mouseover
- Have the Flip Simulator look at your bots in the deck and take their innate bold/tough into consideration
- Ability to have a card be in the deck just for its pips (so it won't be counted as an action or upgrade)
- Reset lost password (as opposed to just contacting me)
- Additional deck statistics, just don't know what yet. Let me know if there's anything you'd want!
Who Am I
My name is Zero (yes, in "real life"). Transformers have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I've been collecting them for just as long, and have well over one thousand Transormers on display in my home office.

I was loosely following the TCG prior to its launch, and originally bought some just to collect the cards. I'm a fan of the WTF@TFW podcast, and the excitement Vangelus & Aaron had for the game drove me to start playing instead of just collecting. I'm not very good at the game, but I love it and will jump on any opportunity that I get to play. I competed in the 2019 Energon Invitational (did terribly), and I'm an admin of the San Diego Transformes TCG Facebook group. If you're ever in the area, let me know and I'll gladly meet up with you to play!

Outside of Transformers, my wife & I attend a number of conventions throughout the year (including TFcon!), often running various gameshows at them. We post about that stuff on theCATandROBOT. I'm not super active on social media, but I occassionally post stuff on Facebook, less often on Twitter, and occassionally even on Instagram. In all cases, it's /ZeroLiddell. You can also get ahold of me on my Discord server, which has a dedicated TFTCG channel.
TFTCG@Z is designed to help you track & manage your collection, as well as give you a wealth of deck statitistics. As such, you will need an account to track all that stuff.

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