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Public Decks with Darkmount Cruel Overlord
Deck Name Bots in Deck Actions Upgrades O B W G K X
Updated Jan 20, 2020
Autobot Hound Long Range Scout
Autobot Mirage Lone Wolf
Darkmount Cruel Overlord
Decepticon Shockwave Cybertron Commander
Dinobot Sludge Mighty Stomper
Insecticon Skrapnel Insecticon Leader
Kickback Cunning Insecticon
Megatron Decepticon Leader
Megatron Living Weapon
Nemesis Prime Dark Clone
Optimus Prime Battlefield Legend
Optimus Prime Freedom Fighter
Prowl Military Strategist
Ramjet Sky Smasher
Ransack Insecticon Commando
Skywarp Sneaky Prankster
Starscream Air Commander
Starscream Scheming Second-In-Command

9 actions
  9 regular actions
  0 secret actions
14 upgrades
  6 weapons
  2 armor
  6 utilities
5 12 6 0 0 0